Rachiewabbit’s African Superhero Stories

Rachiewabbit’s Nigerian Superhero Stories will transition from stories , to comics, to animation to movies.

ChowChow Zen- The food shoot superhero. Covered in food, evil has to eat their way out & sleep after the heavy meal. Especially cos it’s their favorite.

Onidiri ewa- Beautifying Superhero, her glam gun turns evil to good.

Asiko Egbere- with his mat & lantern he rewinds time.

Groovy Wabbit- She dances & sings to bring pple together & make people happy. Making evil stop & dance & forget their evil schemes. Takes evil on with a dance off.

Ijebu Igbo- tycoon street smart drives a hard bargain, can make evil give into the negotiation & surrender

tongue lasher- words like darts, shoots never misses. Her scream freezes evil.

Jamila the runner/ bolt in hausa- moves so fast, ties up evil in no time. Found her talent when she was overwhelmed with chores & wanted to get it all done in no time. Trying to finish quick, she realized how fast her hands fetched water, how quick she swept the compound. Worried about others finding out she did her chores either really early in the morning or very late at night, so no one saw her.

My Lesbian Lover

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I once had a lesbian lover. I saw her around my dorm & wanted to be friends with her, we met a few times at friend’s hangouts but never really spoke. One semester, we had a class together. I always sat at the back & watched as she jisted with her friends. She was a mixed race kid. i guess I was attracted to her looks initially.

One afternoon I went over to a friend’s house, I meet her & her boyfriend there. He was also mixed race. we had hit it off earlier one “fellowship” night. I thought about fucking him then. But today I see he has a girl so I toss the idea. We made something to eat & jisted. Kind of felt like a double date.

From then on Sibel & I became friends. i went to her room, she came to mine. We shared stories…

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